Seba Inline ice blade set Ασημένιο με μαγνητικά spacers Μεγαλύτερη προβολή

Seba Inline ice blade set silver with magnetic spacers

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Seba Ice blade set  transforms your Seba skates on a perfect freestyle ice skates! SEBA inline ice blade set  fits any SEBA frame of the corresponding size, offering you the same feeling as on wheels. 
The "Inline Ice Blades", to switch from asphalt to ice in one minute, to discover fun winter freestyle! 

What you need to do: remove the axes and wheels on your Seba skates, replace them with the ice blades and the new axes provided with the set. Very easy!

Correspondences between ice frames and skating frame

 S - 253mm (ice) - 207mm (skate frame)

 M - 267mm (ice) - 219mm (skate frame)

 L - 290mm (ice) - 231mm (skate frame)

 XL - 305mm (ice) - 243mm (skate frame)